Transurfing is a philosophy developed by Vadim Zeland that focuses on transforming one’s perception of reality and shaping life experience through the power of thought and intention1. It offers a set of twelve golden rules to guide practitioners in navigating life effortlessly


1. Unification of Mind and Soul

Inner Harmony: The unification and coordination of the mind and soul are at the core of Transurfing. The soul represents the deepest desires and truths, while the mind is responsible for logic and reason. Harmonizing the two leads to inner peace and alignment.

2. Reducing the Importance of Goals

Detachment: In pursuing goals, reduce excessive attachment to them to avoid tension and anxiety. This helps maintain inner calm and focus, making it easier to achieve goals.

3. Visualization and Intention:

Clear Visualization: By vividly imagining each stage of the process of achieving a goal, enjoy and experience every step along the way, not just the final result.

Internal and External Intention: Internal intention refers to personal effort and determination to achieve goals, while external intention involves deep belief and focus, trusting that goals will manifest naturally.

4. Eliminating the Influence of Negative Energy:

Acknowledge and Ignore Pendulums: Recognize the existence of negative factors and lose interest in them, depriving them of their influence on your energy.

Focus on Positive Energy: Choose to accept and transmit positive energy, creating a positive and harmonious environment, and avoid transmitting negative energy.

5. Enjoying the Journey:

Happiness in the Journey: Happiness lies not only in achieving the goal but also in the joy and fulfillment experienced throughout the pursuit. Choose a goal that brings genuine happiness and find a path that inspires and motivates you.

6. Simplifying Actions:

Going with the Flow: Achieve goals in the simplest and most effortless way, avoiding complexity and unnecessary resistance. By going with the flow, increase efficiency and reduce stress and anxiety.


The essence of Transurfing is to achieve goals and enjoy the journey by coordinating the inner self and the external world, unifying the mind and soul, using positive energy and visualization, and doing so in the simplest and most effortless way.