Block out any distractions

  • turn off all phone notifications or leave it in another room

  • Distraction is the biggest enemy to deep focus

Go for a walk before starting

  • Go out in nature

  • Explore somewhere new

Plan it out the night before

  • Set your main 3 priorities

  • Write them down and forget until morning

Blout out time around your schedule (Eg: 6-8 am)

  • This will be protectedtime

  • Stay consistant with that time

Ensure diet is on point

  • Eat food that’s good for your brain

  • Eat till your 80% full to avoid slumps

Use pomodoro technique to break effectively

  • Do 25 mins of work then take a 5 min break

  • Repeate this 4-6 times

Ensure you are completely hydrated

  • Have a large water bottle near you at all time

  • Aim to get 1.5L down whilst you work

Exercise before you go into it

  • Exercise = Endorphins = Good ideas

  • Doesn’t have to be a marathon. can just be a short walk

Set very clear, achievable goals

  • Clear objectives = Clear results

  • Have 3 tasks max

Have an accountablity partner

  • Have someone you message before and after

  • Try choose someone who has a simiar mission

Make sure you have slept well

  • Mininum 6 hours sleep

  • No screen 2 hours before bed to improve REM sleep

Take 1 task at a time (Don’t multitask)

  • Different tasks = switching contexts = loss of focus

  • One at a time = Build momentum fast